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 Jean Kark, founder of Focused Care Therapeutic, is a social worker and caregiver who became a massage therapist in 2012 when she realized the importance of massage in the lives of individuals with chronic illness and disabilities, as well as the needs of the caregivers.


 She is proud to be a Master Myoskeletal Alignment Therapist trained by The Freedom From Pain Institute. She also has certifications in Medical Massage and Neuromuscular Cupping Therapy. She enjoys working with complex conditions, facilitating injury rehabilitation, focusing on muscles and soft tissues surrounding joints. She aims to relieve pain while restoring balance to the tissues and create a fuller range of motion and comfort for her clients.

 Jean integrates Myoskeletal Alignment/ Orthopedic Massage techniques, Nueromuscular Cupping, aroma therapy, craniosacral work and reflexology with Swedish massage to create a healing and relaxing experience for each and every client. She enjoys working with people from all walks of of life, including a large clientele of individuals with special needs, such as autism, elderly concerns, down syndrome, fibromyalgia, MS, amputees, Parkinson's and cerebral palsy.

Jean is the proud Mom of four great kids and the Mimi of six and counting! She lives with her husband and three spoiled cats. She loves to hike and read for enjoyment.

Amanda Humbert is very excited to expand the scope of her practice and begin work at Focused Care Therapeutic Massage. Drawn to massage therapy while studying the mind-body connection, she states, “I am fascinated by how our thoughts and feelings, our life experiences and memories, are stored in our bodies, and how they affect our physical health, the very state of our being…   (Also,) I believe that the deeper the connection the massage therapist can feel with the client, the more effective the massage. This is what I strive for in each massage that I give.”


Whether the client is looking for, relief from tension buildup and stress, specific pain relief, or  routine wellness bodywork, Amanda integrates different massage modalities for the most effective treatment, including  NMT (Neuromuscular therapy), myofascial release, reflexology, lymph drainage, cranial sacral therapy, Swedish massage.  She is currently studying, enrolled at The Freedom From Pain Institute, to become certified in the Myoskeletal Alignment Technique.


Amanda enjoys working with a very diverse population, and welcomes one and all.     She says, 

“Each of us has our own unique story, which is written in our body…. I feel grateful to each client that comes in for massage therapy, and am happy to be part of their journey.”


Kim Good is a recently graduated massage therapist with a passion for adventure, seeking a holistic solution to health and wellbeing.

"After spending years working in the medical field as a nurse I have developed a passion for pursuing a more holistic approach to recovery and well-being. I have an interest in helping clients to adequately manage the stress of life, recover from recent surgeries, and improve quality of life when navigating chronic disease." 

  She is looking forward to joining Focused Care Therapeutic Massage in  providing a customized massage by combining NMT, myofascial release, reflexology and Swedish massage techniques. "I believe my experience as a nurse has been a great benefit to understanding the body. Massage therapy has deepened this knowledge with the profound connection between the body, mind, and soul through the art of massage therapy."

 In her free time she lives an active life hiking, biking and swimming. Her two 2 dogs are always happy to join in on the latest adventure!

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