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931 Harrisburg Ave. Franklin and Marshall College, College Square, Lancaster,PA 17601


Focused Care Holistic Health Coaching

At Focused Care, we are all about the total individual. Mind, Body and Spirit must work together to acheive true health! Have you ever been frustrated because your health concerns are not heard? Do you struggle with excess weight, anxiety or hormonal issues? Do you need ideas, support and accountability to move forward in your health goals? 

Health coaching helps clients move towards their vision of optimal health, using innovative and practical strategies. Non- judgmental coaching empowers clients to identify options as well as obstacles to change and create strategies so they can reach their highest level of health.

As your health coach it is my goal to provide support to enhance the skills, resources and creativity that you,the client, already possess! By focusing on mind, body, spirit and community, the you will makes changes that support your values and vision of optimal health. Coaching is available in person and by phone and as individual or package sessions.